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Customize Your Instagram

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How to Customize Your Instagram

Knowing how to customize your Instagram is something you should take a bit serious. The good news is, you do not have to post everyday like you would a blog. Everything from picking the proper user name to having the right profile picture. This platform is all about the art of the photo and it should highlight what your page is about. This blog is all about going over how to set up your page and plan for the future.

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This is a pretty short class as there’s not too much you can really do to customize your Instagram. Instagram only gives you so much room to write about your brand or business so you have to make it stand out. What I did with mine is separate my name from what I sell using a line as a separator. I did this just for decorative purposes of course. A good way to start your bio is to put a list of accomplishments or what it is that you do. People who visit your page will be interested about what else you do. (Also people are nosy and like to see how many followers and stuff you have). I would include a way to contact you along with some emojis to make it stand out.

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I am David and I love to learn about technology; mostly digital marketing to be specific. I worked at Google helping Realtors grow their business using digital advertising on our platform and eventually that led me to marketing positions for local agents in Las Vegas. After growing two separate businesses, I decided to try and sell houses myself. I did it for only 9 months before I saw what my true calling was, getting into programming and getting this antiquated industry updated. I look forward to publishing quality content and helping a lot of you with the stuff I struggled with as an agent!

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