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Setting up an Instagram Business Page.

I will be going over how to create an Instagram Business page and the benefits of creating one for your business. Basically it all goes back to discoverability and just trying to take up as much space in as many places as you can manage. Most people look up information online. The American average for time spent online is over 200 minutes and they will use it to check you out deeper. It’s important that we put work into all our branding platforms so let’s get started: 

Mobile Screenshot
Mobile Screenshot

1: Download the mobile app on your device

Instagram is a mobile-first platform so you will need to do most of the setup on a mobile device. If you have an Android like myself you can download the app here. If you are an Apple user you can download the app here. Once you download the app it will ask you to sign in or create an account. For the sake of making it easy for account linking, make sure you’re logged out of any account and start from scratch. Personally I like having separate accounts and then link them later.

2:  Switch account settings to “Business Profile”

If you have already created your Facebook Business Page, you will be able to link your accounts after completing this step. This option is highly encouraged as it allows you to see insights on your posts and allow you to promote content. You can get here by clicking on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) in the upper right hand corner of the app in your profile page. I recommend having your Facebook Business Page signed in on the Facebook app on the same device.

3: Customize the Instagram Business page profile

Get this started by adding some photos. This is your brand so I would recommend making it look similar to your Facebook page. You can customize your Instagram Business Page by adding a short bio along with one weblink. For my profile I will send to a gate page with links to all my sites. (I use this so I can attach trackers and know that the lead originally came from Instagram.)

4: Find people to follow and hashtags to follow

This is very important for a business page because you should not treat this account like a personal one. Follow people that will provide you the most amount of people you want to attract. Example, if I was to follow a bunch of PlayBoy bunnies or controversial pages…my visitors may be hesitant to do business with me. When first setting up your page it makes you follow someone to start but it can be deleted. You can find people and hashtags by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app. Searching hashtags can be huge because it will find everyone that used that hashtags in their post. The funny thing about the hashtag is that programmers have always used it to find queries easier and now it’s become a trend to become “discoverable”. Example: #ineedahome may be a great way for me to find potential buyers.

5: Upload some content:

Take some pride and post some nice content here! Remember, people love scrolling through hundreds of images and they stop at something that is visually appealing. Your captions will not sell people here. It is all about the image quality or the appropriate content your target audience would react positively to.

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