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Facebook Business Page Settings

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Wrapping up my Facebook Business Page settings

I decided I will be building out these blogs and publish daily just to get my SEO traffic going. That being said, we are now at the end of the first week and starting a Facebook Business Page and starting to get it set up for our business. This is something a lot of people don’t take too seriously because they have never considered Facebook as a part of their business. Well, it’s 2020 and everyone is on Facebook. Not using it for your business doesn’t make much sense. Also people often like to learn about who they are about to buy from or work with so having a place in which they can learn more about you and see others reviews that help you sell your brand over competitors. Today I will be going over configuring the rest of the Facebook Business Page settings:

Facebook Business Settings
Facebook Business Settings

Let’s start with your Facebook Business Page’s Notifications settings

This is a great place to start because it is how you will be alerted about the activity on your new page. Not having this configured correctly in Real Estate is as good as having a business card with a wrong phone number. (I am currently guilty of that but it’s ok because I am not prospecting for clients yet) Not all of the notification options are important, but let’s get mine configured to best fit my needs. 

Once you’re into your notification settings menu, you will have 3 options at the top: Get a notification each time, get a notification every 12-24 hours or finally, off.  For the very start of your page I would recommend leaving every notification on so you can see everything as it comes in. I personally don’t like text notifications because it’s not that important to me so I left that and the emails unchecked. Just make a habit to check your Facebook notifications consistently.

Some of the options I will skip over for now…

  • Event tracking: Integration options for eventbrite are available here. I will be using this at some point.
  • Post Attribution: I will be posting as the page title since it is a brand. As you grow, you may want to add users and publish as them. 
  • Page Roles: It’s just going to be me running this page for now. Change this if you plan on getting help managing your page. 
  • Branded Content: This may be relevant if you plan to work with brands in the future. Real Estate has very strict financial compliance laws so I will leave this one alone.

Setting up Advanced Messaging settings in your Facebook Business Page

This is one that I will spend A LOT of time on because it is the communication tool that will most help me in this platform. Because I’m just starting this page out, I don’t really have a plan on this other than I do want to use automation. Automation is my secret sauce that gives me a dramatic edge over my competition. This process takes a lot of work and a lot of patience but it will make your life much easier. Organizing conversations is not an easy task whatsoever. With automation, organization is done…automatically. 

Below in the image you will see that the only thing I did was whitelist my domains so I can set up to integrate everything together. The reason I’m doing this is so that I can use the Messenger on my website or link a chat bot. This will go into more details once I decide which route to go. My guess is building a chat bot and integrating it into Facebook Messenger. Stay tuned!

Facebook Messenger Advanced
Facebook Messenger Advanced

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