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Templates and Tabs

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Setting up your Facebook Business Page Templates and Tabs

So the first question I asked myself when it came to this section on the left was: “what is a template?” Well templates are the tab options on the left underneath my profile picture. Some of the template options will preload a different set of options on which to display. I believe that your strengths are more important than what’s normal here. If you’re in real estate but you’re better at selling it as a blogger, go for it. At the end if the day, do what is best for you and getting a hold of you.

Templates and Tabs
Templates and Tabs

Your tabs and how to use them for your Facebook Business Page

I will be discussing the “Business” template:


  • Posts: All of these are basically short links you can send directly to people. Posts tab allows you to send a link to people directly to people so that they can access that post. Could be used for a promotion or an open house for the real estate world. 
  • Events: Events are huge because it is where you will post your open houses and calendar invitations. If you sell a home and want to throw a welcome home party, this is the place to do it.
  • Reviews: you need to have this saved in your most used. Period. Reviews are a must. 
  • Shop with you: I will skip over this option since it has to do with ecommerce and is not useful to this category. 
  • Videos: Use this tab to showcase any videos you have so that they are easy for the user to find. 
  • About: Otherwise known as your bio. Really sell thy why you do what you do. 
  • Community: Be a part of the local Facebook communities or groups. Use this link there.
  • Others: Certain platforms allow you to sync here, More about integration at a later point. 
Templates and Tabs
Templates and Tabs

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Templates and Tabs
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I am David and I love to learn about technology; mostly digital marketing to be specific. I worked at Google helping Realtors grow their business using digital advertising on our platform and eventually that led me to marketing positions for local agents in Las Vegas. After growing two separate businesses, I decided to try and sell houses myself. I did it for only 9 months before I saw what my true calling was, getting into programming and getting this antiquated industry updated. I look forward to publishing quality content and helping a lot of you with the stuff I struggled with as an agent!

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