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Facebook Business Page Button

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Setting up your Facebook Business Page Button

The awesome part about Facebook is that they give you a “call-to-action” button that you can customize. This is a way for users to do what you’re asking them to do. This is a very resourceful option because it is free and effective. This is where the business plan and integration comes into play… 

Basically, you have to know what you want your Facebook Business Page visitors to do. Because I’m using Real Estate, leads are my goal, I want to have people contact me. You may have a different goal in mind but I like to capture as much as possible.

Facebook Business Page Button
Facebook Business Page Button

Create your Button on your Facebook Business Page

I will go over the options available to customize your Button”


  • Book with you: This will schedule an appointment directly at a few clicks online. If you are a calendar driven person, this could be a great option for you. I personally use a lot of calendar tools but I feel like this doesn’t capture as many leads as I would prefer. Facebook does have a new calendar that they built into this so I’m sure it’s going to be effective for a lot of businesses. You can also send it to website or to a third party tool using an API.
  • Contact you: This is the option I am going with and I will use it with Messenger. This is why having a business plan is important so that you could have the users contact flow planned out. If you would rather just take calls or emails, you can direct this button to do that directly. Do what’s best for you!
  • Learn more about your business: This is a great tool for branding when you do not intend to respond or contact your user. This is a great option for a blog page.
  • Shop with you: I will skip over this option since it has to do with ecommerce and is not useful to this category. 


Download app or play game: Could be a great idea if you had a page dedicated to a service that could use an app. Only thing I can think of is an open house Facebook Business Page with an open house app?

Settings for Messenger
Facebook Business Page Button to Messenger

What a Facebook Messenger Conversation may look like

The last part is connecting it to the app. In this case I took the Facebook Messenger app and so i can access it on multiple devices. After this is done, you have essentially just hooked up a live chat feature to your Facebook Business Page.

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Facebook Business Page Button
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