Facebook Business Page Messaging Settings

Facebook Messenger Settings

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Facebook Messanger Settings

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How to set up your Facebook Business Page messaging settings

In your settings tab on the left we’re going to see a messaging settings option. Let’s get this open and give an intro to one of Facebook’s most powerful tools they have to offer. Facebook messenger is essentially an SMS type of tool that allows you to communicate privately with other users. One of the best performing call to action options on Facebook is to connect via messenger. We will go over this more in my ads portion of your Facebook Business Page messaging settings and also the automation portion. For now let’s get to the Messaging Settings option shown below:

Screenshot of Facebook Messenger Settings
Screenshot of Facebook Messenger Settings

A quick set up to the back end of your Facebook Messaging Settings

I will just cover the entire setup portion here and begin to introduce the later lessons of the more advanced features. Facebook Messenger has a lot of tools available to utilize for your business along with third party integrations that can take it to another level. Anyways let’s jump into the few tabs on this page: 

  • Use the Return key to send: I leave this on because it’s much easier to keep my hands on my keyboard. When I’m wired into a computer I have my headphones in and I’m jamming through leads! I will show you guys more about lead follow up in other verticals of my tech classes. 
  • Show a greeting: This is basically a welcome home mat at the front door for your business. Depending on your business, you can set this up to give users a glimpse of their upcoming experience. I’m going to leave this one alone until I decide what I want to do with this platform. 
  • Your Messenger URL: Save this code and add it to your list of important links! Don’t have one? Make one ASAP! This is crucial to running a high-tech business. This will allow those who feel more comfortable on Facebook than giving you their private numbers to get connected to you. 
  • Add Messenger to your website: If you do not have a lead capture device please do this! I will go over how to use tags and scripts in more complicated courses in my class but many CRM’s allow you to just paste and save it in. This allows your website to have a live chat feature that connects to your Facebook Messenger app. SUPER EFFECTIVE lead capture.

I use Google Drive intensely and have an entire folder dedicated to storing all my tags and HTML scripts. It’s not important that you understand the language but more so the function itself. These scripts and tags will help your lead conversion go up. We will revisit these settings in the near future but for now we may not know what direction we want to go.  For our new Facebook Business Page, we will embed Facebook Messenger onto our site.

Screnshot of Facebook Messaging Settings 2
Screnshot of Facebook Messaging Settings 2

What a Facebook Messenger Conversation may look like

Now this is my favorite topic in Facebook Messenger to talk about and I could talk for hours about this. So I highly recommend going the route I am going to build out on this Facebook Business Page. Eventually as your traffic and conversations exponentially grow, you may want to automate responses. So it brings up the question: what is automation? 

This is an artificial conversation guide that you are taking the user through. For the sake of this Real Estate example, let’s call this the “role playing.” Many times in training and preparing for clients out in the field, agents will role play the way conversations may go. This is great because it makes you valuable to the potential client. Well with automation, you can do just that! But first…you have to learn how to build that conversation. Start with real ones and see what works from there. 

If you are on a team and share the same account, you can toggle the Show who’s sending on behalf of your Page option to on to show which individual is speaking to the user. This can be great if you’re busy and want to have a live response set up. Facebook Messenger integration to your website is free of charge and should be utilized by everyone with a website!

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