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The start of it all. The struggle to become somebody.

It was somewhere around 1995. I was maybe 24 years old and working at a residential treatment center for troubled kids. Basically I was a prison guard. I had a choice to make. Did I want to become a psychiatrist, or did I want to roll the dice and try my luck in Hollywood. I was living in San Diego at the time and just graduated from SDSU after 6 years of wasting my parents money. Well, 4 years of wasting my parents money. In the 2 final years, I kicked ass.

To become a psychiatrist, I needed another 6+ years of education and loads more debt. To become a success in Hollywood, I needed luck.

I chose luck. Turns out it was really 98% skill mixed with 2% luck, but I will save that story for down the road. For now, I am a scared 24 year old kid making big life decisions.

Hollywood was always calling. It had always been my dream to be involved in any way possible with people who made entertainment I loved like Howard The Duck and the Arsenio Hall show!

When I was younger and growing up in Marin County, I wanted to be an actor in Hollywood. Actually, I wanted to be famous. Forget that acting stuff. I met with big shot talent agents in Los Angeles when I was around 16 years old. They all wanted me to drop out of school so they could “make me a star”. I stayed in school and declined all their offers. I guess I wanted to stick around my high school a bit longer because who would want to be rich and famous at 16? Apparently I was smarter at age 16 than at 24, because being successful in Hollywood and making a lot of money was not something most people do in that town. I went to college.

I had a girlfriend at the time of my big decision. I had girlfriends before her, but she was my first real girlfriend. As Pink Floyd likes to say, “Was it love, or was it the idea of being in love?” Probably a mix of both. She tried to run me over with her car once. Great memories.

Let’s call her Jessica, because there are many Jessicas in the world and I have never dated even one of them. “Jessica” told me that if I followed my dream and moved to Los Angeles, our relationship would end. I hoped it would not, but I had to take that chance. I sat down in my tiny studio apartment, sat down on my 90’s futon and wrote out all the lyrics to Journey’s “Faithfully” and changed many of the words so that they applied to us and our relationship. It was a masterpiece. I figured after she read this handwritten masterpiece, we would never break up. I mean, “being apart ain’t easy on this love affair. Two strangers learn to fall in love again”. It was effing PERFECT!

I loaded up the Uhaul and drove from San Diego to Santa Monica where I was going to live in a rent controlled apartment not far from the ocean, back when Santa Monica was actually a nice place to live. I was moving in with one of the original cast members of MTV’s “The Real World Los Angeles”. I loved that show. And the fact that I was going to be living with her (we were only friends by the way) made me feel like I was already a success in Hollywood. Jessica did not feel the same way.

The Uhaul smelled like old dirt and smelly oil. In the back were all of my possessions likely mixed with spider webs and sweat from the countless moves before me. Jessica’s tear stains were still on my shirt. The sun was starting to dip down across the ocean while Everclear’s “Santa Monica” played on the radio as I headed up the coast. No joke, that song was HUGE during my drive. Big dreams. Big dreams. The adventure had begun.

Rod inside room full of headshots

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Rodney Joel Baron Lic# S.0188671 Weichert, Realtors - Millennium 702.781.3325 Rod Baron, founder of the successful Los Angeles talent agency, Baron Entertainment, has had a storybook rise through the Hollywood ranks. He has closed deals for all your favorite celebrities, and now he can do the same for you. The skills he learned working with the finest of Hollywood for 25+ years can now be applied to all your real estate needs. Rod has a strong sense of empathy for others grown from his “eclectic” background of working for actors. Though an empathetic real estate agent may seem oxymoronic to some, Rod saw it as a niche waiting to be filled here in Las Vegas. With his inspiration sparked, Rod set out to carve a career in the Las Vegas real estate market. Rod believes in the synergistic relationship between passion, empathy, and sound economics when dealing with real estate wants and needs. This innovative approach defines a niche in the industry and exemplifies the fruition of an ideal formed through years of experience. By making a conscientious effort to maintain a modest pool of select clientele, Rod is quickly working his way to becoming a powerhouse in the industry. Rod places a high value on the relationship between client and sales agent, encouraging clients to stay in close contact. This allows for a trusting relationship with extraordinary results. How many real estate agents can say that they have negotiated with the best in Hollywood for more than 25+ years? Rod was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Marin County (just north of San Francisco). These days, he spends all his free time with his gorgeous wife and 3 amazing kids. He loves pizza, and enjoys making his own dough and sauce (his 1000 degree pizza oven sees a lot of use). Rod loves to travel, exercise, and drink good wine. Not necessarily in that order. Recently he caught the "camping" bug and purchased 2 trailers, a 40ft Jayco 5th wheel trailer, and a small 20ft Jayco travel trailer. Rod also recently purchased 10 acres of land to play on. Oh yes, and all this would not be complete without a boat. A high performance 25ft Starcraft SLS3 Tri-toon boat waits for him and his family on the lake. You can see Rod and his family on the TV show GOING RV.


    1. What fun – you got me at 24 – I really enjoyed this. I saw the tab on the right of my computer 1/2 down, so thought there was more, but then a big picture came up, so now I am left hanging and wanting more ! Perfect. I also have to do some homework on your references, songs etc.

  1. Rod,
    I remember those days and even earlier…. way back to playing in your back yard in first grade. Keep the posts coming….

  2. Well you have forgotten to mention me, your childhood babysitter until my family moved away in 1979. I’m sure my babysitting skills had something to do with your success in life. Jus sayin

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